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Dr. Hemali Mehta

With Training and work experience from the one of the best Sports Physical Therapy Clinics in Boston and having observed in Rank 1 Rehabilitation Hospital in United States– Spaulding, Hemali brings to India, a novel approach to treatment to get you better faster.Her basic training in K.J.Somaiya college of Physiotherapy in Mumbai and Masters from MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston, allows her to choose the best techniques from both the worlds and incorporate into an effective treatment plan.Professionalism and delivering results in a stipulated time drives her to constantly update herself and embrace different conservative as well as alternative methods. She believes in the power of your body to heal, when provided with proper external support.  Being an avid reader and a writer, she strives to create awareness among the General Public about the new advances in this field and about the self-treat methods.Her Interest lies in helping people achieve their hidden potential. After treating scores of elite athletes in US, She is currently developing a specializing program for athletes and general population looking to step into recreational sports which would empower them with means of Injury Prevention and self-improvement in their fitness.She has been widely appreciated by her patient’s for being able to treat a wide variety of orthopedic and sport’s related issues in < 15-20 sessions. She has successfully treated ballet dancers, baseball players, tennis players, Sprinters, Marathon Runners, Badminton players and Ice-Skaters. Her blog has been well received in many countries with viewers from all over the world.
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